In today’s competitive youth sports environment, coaches, athletes and parents are turning to independent evaluations to properly gauge a players' physical development.

TOP 100 SPORTS is the leading Multi-Sport Youth Evaluation Company in the USA. Our Affiliate program licenses premier training facilities and academies in select markets nationwide. Affiliate locations are professionally trained to employ the TOP 100 sport specific Player Development System. Our PDS utilizes the latest technology to capture metric based tests. Athletes receive a player profile, bio, test results and ranking. The Top 100 athletes per age group, by region are invited to the TOP 100 Games [Invite Only] throughout the USA.

Top 100 Sports Performance Metrics, Why they really matter!

Do you know what Sports Performance Metrics you need to play at the next level?

  1. Size? 
    • Do you know what size you need to be to play your sport/position?
    • Do you know how tall the average Division 2 College baseball pitcher is?
  2. Speed? 
    • Do you know how fast you need to be to play your sport / position at the next level?
  3. Strength? 
    • Do you know how strong you need to be to play your sport / position at the next level?
    • Do you know what a high school basketball shooting guard should be bench pressing?
    • Do you know what your son or daughter should be squatting as a high school athlete?
  4. Power? 
    • Do you know how explosive you need to be to play your sport / position at the next level?
    • Do you know what your vertical needs to be to be competitive in your chosen sport?

Regardless of your sport or position, it is very important that you understand exactly how big, strong, fast and explosive your competition is and where you compare to play at higher levels.

Performance Metrics Defined

Performance Metrics are the specific standards of various physical qualities needed for each sport of participation.  These include the physical qualities of strength, speed, agility and power that are necessary for optimal athletic performance. Performance Metrics are determined by a number of tests for athletic development.   Here are several examples of tests we utilize to determine overall performance Metrics:

  1. Anthropometric Data:  Height, Weight, Body Composition
  2. Strength:  Strength is ability to create force.  Strength tests tell us how much force you are able to create in both the upper body as well as the lower body.
  3. Power:  Power is the ability to create maximal force in minimal time.  Power tests tell us how quickly you can generate force in both the upper body as well as the lower body.
  4. Speed:  Speed tests help us to determine acceleration, maximum running speed and speed endurance.
  5. Agility:  Agility tests measure an athlete’s ability to move quickly and change directions while maintaining control and balance. Good agility requires a combination of speed, balance, power, and coordination.  These are all components that we develop in the weight room.

Think of Sports Performance Metrics as Standardized Tests

One easy way to think of performance metrics is to think of it similar to an ACT or SAT test to get into college.  In general, the ACT and the SAT tests attempt to measure college readiness and predict future academic success. Performance metrics measure overall athleticism and attempt to measure an athlete’s current readiness and to predict future athletic success.

The bottom line is, at some point if an athlete wants to move on and compete at higher levels, they will be required to display various athletic qualities and be evaluated against their peers based on a standardized level to predict performance and athletic success.

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Our History

Since 2017 our directors and licensed affiliates have evaluated thousands athletes. Our Top 100 Player Development System utilizes verified video metrics. The evaluation system tests athletes' physical fitness with sport-specific disciplines.  Athletes receive a Top 100 Sports Player Profile including verified metrics, videos & player ranking .

Each metric score is entered into the TOP 100 Sports Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is located at each affiliate location and players are ranked by Grad Year. The TOP 100 athletes in each Grad Year are invited to the TOP 100 GAMES.

Our Mission

The TOP 100 SPORTS - mission is two-fold; provide the early measuring platform for coaches, young players and their families that have serious interest in their chosen sport and bring athletes together to compete in "TOP 100 Games" from around the USA & Canada!  The TOP 100 Games are Player Invite Only Events.

Our Vision

In today’s competitive youth sports environment, coaches, athletes and parents are turning to Evaluations to properly gauge the player development.
TOP 100 SPORTS - USA is an independent evaluation service utilizing video verified technology along with state of the art testing equipment by trained professionals to produce real results.