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    The Mission

    The TOP 100 mission is to provide the early measuring platform for young players who have serious interest in the game or simply want to chart their progress by being Evaluated. Our Player Evaluators have either a professional or collegiate softball background. TOP 100 SOFTBALL Evaluations are centered on 12U,14U,16U,18U Players.

    Players are Evaluated using measurables that obtain Data Points from a TOP 100 SOFTBALL Evaluation Event. Players receive their TOP 100 SOFTBALL 'Player Locker" that contains their Evaluation 'Profile' via email. 

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    Getting Evaluated

    Players are encouraged to attend a TOP 100 SOFTBALL Evaluation, which are located throughout USA during the Fall, Winter, Spring & early Summer seasons. Group Evaluations are also available by viewing and registering for an event below. TOP 100 SOFTBALL Evaluations utilize the TOP 100 assessment program. Players receive their TOP 100 Softball 'Player Profile' via email and their Player Rank is posted on the Official TOP 100 SOFTBALL Regional Leaderboard. The TOP 100 SOFTBALL Leaderboard is updated after each Evaluation session.​ Top Players in each age division are then invited to the TOP 100 GAMES, summer 2021.

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    The Road To The Top 100 Games

    Players are Ranked by Grad Year by position based on their measurables and shown on TOP 100 SOFTBALL Regional leaderboard. We encourage Players to attend multiple TOP 100 SOFTBALL Evaluations to improve their scores. TOP 100 SOFTBALL records the top score for each discipline for a player to qualify for the TOP 100 GAMES, Invite Only - Scouted Event. TOP 100 SOFTBALL Directors will extend an INVITATION to 100 TOP Ranked players.  

Top 100 SOFTBALL Evaluations - The Player Metrics

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    Grip Strength

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    10/20 Yard Dash

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    5-10-5 Shuttle

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    Overhand Velocity

  • pop

    Pop Time

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    Exit Velocity

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    Bat Speed

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    Hand Speed

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    Impact Time

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    Vertical Jump

Evaluations - WHAT TO EXPECT

Players should expect to receive a full workout at a TOP 100 SOFTBALL EVALUATION. Our goal is to provide players, parents, and coaches an early measuring stick for skill development! Register to Attend below: click onto the REGISTRATION Button below, complete the form, press continue, pay the fee, receive instant confirmation.

DAY OF THE EVALUATION: Show up ready to go, a half hour prior to the scheduled Evaluation Event.

  • Wear Softball pants.
  • Bring your own softball equipment! Catchers: bring your gear!
  • Bring Water, protein bar and POSITIVE Attitude...


  • Player Profile
  • Player Metrics added within 72 hours.
  • Player Rank; TOP 100 SOFTBALL Regional Leaderboard by POS or GRAD YEAR.
  • Based on Rank, Player Profile featured on 'Spotlight' & Social Media Accounts
  • TOP 100 SOFTBALL Profile e-mailed the same day.
  • Notification of TOP 100 GAMES Selection