The Top 100 Games

Top 100 GAMES 2020 DATES: TBA  - Based on sport, state, location and season-ending dates.

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070720 TOP100 GAMES

TOP 100 Evaluations lead to the Top 100 Games, Invite Only. 100 Players [by age group] in each sport with the TOP Overall Rank in each region will be invited to compete in the 2020 TOP 100 Games in Baseball & Softball. Scroll down to view the Event Itinerary to learn more and follow the leaderboards for each sport and region.


Invite Only to Athletes, whose Player Rankings are categorized by Grad Year and age group. Rankings will be displayed on Top 100 Leader Boards for each sport. The Top 100 Games place players on teams by both Grad Year/age group. Age Group Classification: *Based on player age as of MAY 1.

Top 100 Games ITINERARY: All Sports

Day 1

Opening Event

Player Intros & Team Pics

Day 2

Pro Style Workout

Game Play

Day 3

Game Play Continues

Closing Ceremonies